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What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is developed by the team at twitter, which is an open-source JavaScript framework. With the help of bootstrap you can impart additional superior functionality to your web site. You can create user interface components by using Bootstrap for the reason that it is a grouping of  HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

It is based upon LESS that is a dynamic style sheet language, which is painstaking to be an extension of CSS. LESS is written in JavaScript that is painstaking to be way faster than SASS that is an another extension similar to LESS. It is not complicated to comprehend by a popular of web developers as most of them are well familiar with JavaScript.

Only PSD 2 HTML follow certain standards for PSD to Bootstrap services such as:

  • integrate Pixel-perfect HTML and CSS code to get mobile first front-end framework.
  • Robust functionality of the applications and websites
  • Compatibility with all the major browsers
  • Code strictly abide by the guidelines of W3C Validation
  • SEO semantic codes

It is such a great framework because of the following reasons:-


Twitter saw some inconsistencies regarding developer level and user level, so in order to remove those inconsistencies one central set of development code was developed.

Build with the latest libraries

Latest CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery libraries are used to built and develop Bootstrap. In addition to this, the CSS was developed on the LESS platform, which in turn saves time.


Responsive design is used to code the bootstrap in order to cater to users with all different screen sizes. As it is responsive, it is set up for the future of internet use containing tablets, desktops and phones.

It is a powerful front-end framework, which is sleek and intuitive that results in faster and easier web development. The documentation of Bootstrap is robust along with a strong set of features. Indeed, the community support is the key reason to make it one of the best front-end development frameworks.

Remarkable features of Bootstrap

  • An open-source framework
  • Also supports responsive design
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Almost incomplete support for HTML5 and CSS3
  • Loaded with features
  • Look and behave great
  • Wide list of components
  • Grid system is great
  • Bundled JavaScript plugins

Why to choose Only PSD 2 HTML for PSD To Bootstrap Conversion Services?

Only PSD To HTML is filled with a remarkable team of Bootstrap developers that acquire a large number of years of experience of developing Bootstrap conversion solutions.

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